Oura, a ring that measures your blood oxygen and the menstrual cycle

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In the summer of last year, when we had been in the Coronavirus pandemic for several months, some sports competitions tried to end their seasons interrupted by confinement. And one of them was the NBA, which under the idea of ​​creating a kind of bubble in which to keep the 22 participating teams, their players and even their families protected, the season ended in no less than the Walt Disney World Resort de Orlando.

Always within the facilities that players couldn’t quit -In this AS article you have detailed the entire NBA plan within the complex-, one of the measures stood out above the rest: a smart ring.

Oura, smart ring

A wearable for the players of the 22 teams that was used to track any contagions that may exist, the ring created by the Oura company is a smart device that mounts a series of sensors such as Infrared, NTC temperature, accelerometer and gyroscope LEDs. And it is able to keep track of:

  • Body temperature
  • The breathing
  • Heart rate

According to Oura, the finger is “the most accurate and convenient place to capture body measurements“, As the heart rate, temperature, steps or sleep. The 2nd generation ring is made of titanium, is waterproof and its battery lasts up to 7 days on a single charge, and is intended to be worn constantly. The company itself indicates on its website that this device can be used to monitor symptoms of COVID-19.


Oura, Third Generation

After almost a year and a half since its debut, the company has improved the design of its device, and just at the end of this 2021 launches the third generation of its Oura, which stands out because now the ring has a new pulse oximeter that allows you to measure. blood oxygen levels.

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The new ring incorporates 7 temperature sensors, which allow the introduction of new monitoring functions, for example, tomeasure the menstrual cycle, with accurate predictions of the day it will start up to 30 days in advance. Your temperature data is also used to visualize your menstrual cycle and predict your period each month, so you are always prepared.

Measure menstrual cycle

Instead of assuming that your period is the same day every month, Oura accurately predicts your period based on fluctuations in your body temperature, Since it changes naturally with hormonal changes throughout your menstrual cycle.

Oura, a ring that measures your blood oxygen and the menstrual cycle

It also allows you to a sleep log, with indications about the best time to go to sleep;automatically detects user activity (walks or housework), even when he decides to take a nap; And together with the app, it offers meditation sessions with which it records how the body responds when taking a breath.

The Oura third Generation can now be reserved on the company’s website and will go on sale from November 15 with a somewhat high price: 314 euros no less.


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