Outlander: a new theory could reveal the end of the series

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Since the end of filming was announced, fans are eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the sixth season of Outlander. However, the next six chapters will not arrive until next year, the same moment in which the seventh edition will begin filming. And, although there is still no official release date, many of the followers found a way to reduce the wait.

For several months, after the closing of the fifth part, the faithful of Outlander they began to generate some theories about what is to come. Some are focused on the fate of the protagonists, Jamie and Claire, others on the ghost of the Scottish heartthrob, but it was only now that one emerged that could reveal the true end of the strip.

Outlander, which is based on the novels of Diana Gabaldón, originally has ten books. There are still two to be released, while the series is close to filming its season seven, that is why whenever a theory is discussed, it is based on what the original author wrote.

Diana Gabaldón would have revealed the end of the series. Photo: (Getty)

And, on this occasion, many fans have relived a Gabaldon interview from 2015 in which he would have revealed the true ending that this story will have. Beyond not mentioning when it will be or if there will be more than seven parts on the small screen, it does make it clear what the fate of the Frasers will be.

I think the books of Outlander will end in approximately 1800 in Scotland”Are Diana’s words. But, as he does not talk about anything else, this comment raised many doubts about what the series is since in season five the protagonists still live in the 18th century in the United States.

Roger and Brianna could take the lead in Outlander.  Photo: (Starz)

Roger and Brianna could take the lead in Outlander. Photo: (Starz)

However, it should be noted that, although many of the thoughts were guided to that Jamie could die in his native Scotland, more than once it was speculated that Brianna and Roger could end up being the protagonists. That is why, everything indicates that the portrayed characters of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe will die in America, and then their daughter, husband, and grandchildren will go on to live in the home country of the most respected Fraser landowner.

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