Outlander: a theory could change Claire’s story

Outlander: a theory could change Claire's story

Despite the fact that the fifth season was broadcast worldwide by Netflix just two months ago, fans of Outlander They are already looking forward to the new episodes. It was a month ago when the production announced that the sixth part will be released only next year and, in fact, they also made it clear that they will begin working on the filming of the seventh edition when the episodes that are already ready are released.

That is why, we still have to see again the love story that Jamie and Claire star in Outlander. So much so that, to calm anxiety while actors are on vacation, like Sam Heughan, loyal fans of fiction are already beginning to imagine different theories and, one of them, is based on the life of the protagonist and how it would change your story from now on.

The photo with which the production announced the end of the filming of the sixth season. Photo: (Starz)

Since the series premiered on Starz Play in 2014, one of the biggest curiosities viewers have had is about the only people who can travel through time. This is because, according to what the fiction tells, it is only Claire, Brianna, Roger and their son who listen to the sound of the Craigh na Dun stones in order to travel between the past and the future.

But now, according to what has emerged among what fans imagine, this is due to an inheritance on the part of the parents. That is, Claire traveled through the stones for the first time from 1946 to 1743 in the first episodes of the first season, which indicates that her parents had the ability, too, to appear both in the past and in the future. .

Claire could have been born in 1700. Photo: (Starz)

Claire could have been born in 1700. Photo: (Starz)

And, this very thing suggests that Claire was actually born in 1700 since, in addition, during all the seasons of Outlander she says that, being with Jamie, it feels like home. According to what the series reveals, the protagonist was born on October 20, 1918 in England, but if it applies to 200 years earlier, it would be the same date, but 1718.

Although, it should be noted that this drama does not tell much about Claire’s parents and, in fact, Diana Gabaldón assured that she does not see it as important. “I don’t think Claire’s parents are interesting, it’s not that they aren’t interesting, but they probably won’t get a novel for commenting on theories about them.“Said the writer and then closed by dismissing all the gossip:”Claire’s parents weren’t time travelers, well at least one of them was”.

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