Outlander: is Jamie and Claire’s favorite love story?

Outlander: is Jamie and Claire's favorite love story?

In recent times, love stories ended up becoming a kind of cliché, but with the arrival of Outlander, the perspective completely changed. Based on the books by Diana Gabaldón, this series, which has five seasons already available on Netflix, follows the life of Claire Beachump, played by Caitriona Balfe, who meets her true love in the least expected way: traveling through time.

Claire and Jamie’s time travel. Photo: (Starz)

And, with romanticism as a banner, Outlander It not only became one of the most watched series in the world, but also one of the best in terms of setting, characterization of characters and the plot and fiction itself. Although, despite all the staging, which was highly valued by his fans, The protagonist love story between Jamie, played by Sam Heughan, and Claire remains unsurpassed.

In the first five seasons, the main actors managed to demonstrate an unmatched chemistry which was transferred to the fiction that they captured on screen and, for that very reason, their relationship is one of the most acclaimed. Jamie, a Scottish landowner and warrior, puts aside all his armor and rudeness when it comes to his wife, Claire and as for her, all the time he proves that he is her weakness and, as they say today, her cable to Earth.

Jamie and Claire's chemistry is unmatched.  Photo: (Starz)

Jamie and Claire’s chemistry is unmatched. Photo: (Starz)

However, it should be noted that next year the production will premiere the sixth edition in which everything indicates that his partner will be shattered. As it transpired, after the tragic end that Claire had in the fifth part, her recovery becomes intolerable for her beloved husband and, that is what seems to throw him into the arms of a new citizen of Fraser´s Ridge.

Even so, there is still no release date for the new episodes so we can only wait to see what will happen between the characters played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. Of course, the chemistry and the great relationship between the actors was not cut and, despite the fact that they are now on vacation, their bond will remain intact.

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