Outlander: Jamie and Claire’s best moments

There is still half a year to go before Starz publishes the sixth season of Outlander. After a job in record time, the production managed to finish filming on June 1 and, in March 2022, the series will be available. Also, at that time, the actors will focus on the recordings of the seventh part, which was already confirmed several months ago.

And, even though you wait for Outlander It is getting eternal for the fans, many of them managed to lessen it by putting out some theories about what is to come. Although nothing is confirmed yet, some say that now Jamie and Claire will live one of the worst moments in their history. After the tragic end that the character of Caitriona Balfe had in the fifth edition, everything seems to indicate that this would bring them some problems in their relationship.

What’s more, according to what happened, Claire’s recovery process could lead Jamie to exhaustion and betray his trust with another woman. In addition, it was also speculated that she would be the one who would cheat on him with a new member of Fraser’s Ridge. That is why, in view of the events that can change the fate of the favorite couple of Outlander, from Spoiler we want to remember his best moments in the whole series.

Jamie and Claire’s best Outlander moments:

1. Claire chooses Jamie over Frank and his old life:

In the first season, after she tells him the story of time travel, Jamie makes a decision: help her reach the stones of Craigh na Dun, which seem to be the portal of travelers. And, despite the fact that he is extremely in love by then, he still decides to accompany her and protect her until he can fulfill his goal.

But, when all seemed lost to him, Claire discovers that her life would not be the same if she left this Scotsman who turned her life upside down. Therefore, instead of traveling and returning to his time, he decides to stay with Jamie and thus begin the most romantic love story of the century.

In this episode there are two important points: Claire understands who her true love is, while Jamie prioritizes her wishes before his.

2. The wedding:

In order to protect Claire from Black Jack Randall, the MacKenzie clan decides that she must marry one of them and, indeed, Jamie is the best option. It is that, by marrying, she put aside her English origin to become a Scottish citizen with the power to choose which side to stay with.

3. Jamie accepts Claire’s time travel story:

In the first season, after Claire is accused of being a witch, Jamie suffers a lot in order to rescue her. Therefore, after an anger he ends up asking her if she is indeed a witch. So much so that she decides to tell him the truth and he, unlike Frank, does understand it and does not question her excessively. In fact, it is there that he decides to accompany her to the stones of Craigh na Dun.

4. The reunion after 20 years:

Before the Battle of Culloden, Jamie decides to push Claire away so she is not in any danger. And, by sending her by the stones back to her time, he says goodbye to her forever. They are 20 years apart until she decides to look for him again, surprising him in his new job: his printing press.

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