Outlander: Sam Heughan reveals the worst of the sixth season filming

Outlander It is one of the most successful series in recent years, something that is demonstrated by each renewal and the large number of fans they have garnered since its first broadcast in 2014. At the moment we have five seasons, which can be seen on Starz Play and on the Netflix streaming service, and we wait for the sixth season, whose shooting had certain characteristics that were not pleasant to Sam Heughan.

At the beginning of June, it was announced through official social networks that the recordings had concluded., after having suspended production for several months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As happened to other film and television content, the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels suffered from COVID-19, although they came to fruition.

Heughan He enjoyed his vacations in Mexico, where he shared photos that caught the attention of his followers, and little by little he resumed his ties with the program. That is why he was interviewed by the podcast Just for Fact, hosted by Alex Zane, who asked him about the after-shoot: “It’s really hard to tune out. For the first few days after filming and completing an Outlander season, you’re still on this hamster wheel to get things done and everything.”, answered.

He then made it clear that the Coronavirus has been the big stone in the shoe of the show, for the interruptions it has caused: “It is the shortest season we have done, it is only eight episodes”, he remarked. Then he added: “But it is potentially one of the most difficult seasons because we were filming during a pandemic and there were many factors involved that made it quite difficult to film.”.

Once they returned to the set, after a long hiatus, the production members had to adhere to multiple protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Your showrunner, Matthew B. Roberts, also made it clear that COVID has altered their plans, although he made clear a message for fans: the premiere of the sixth season, which will arrive at the beginning of 2022, will be with an extended episode of 90 minutes..


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