Outlander season 6 could revive old and iconic characters

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Fans of Outlander they do not stop receiving news about the new season. Although it has already been confirmed that the next six episodes will not arrive until 2022 on Starz and 2023 on Netflix, many details of what will come are already known. Although only three official images of the series were seen, during the filming and, after it, the official Instagram of the fiction dazzled with several videos of the actors.

Likewise, Sam Heughan was in charge of giving some details of the production in which he stars and, as if this were not enough, various theories arose around the end of the story of Jamie and Claire Fraser. But now, Outlander He made his fans smile again because two of the most iconic characters could be part of the new chapters again.

Although there is nothing confirmed, everything indicates that Lotte Verbeek, who gave life to Geillis Duncan, and Graham McTavish, who played Dougal McKenzie would be in the sixth season. As for Heughan’s partner and friend in Men in KiltsHe did not comment on it, but Verbeek did, thus opening up the possibilities for a comeback.

The actors on the set. Photo: (Starz)

According to the Express portal, the actress said in a virtual conference that she does not rule out the possibility of reappearing in the series based on the books by Diana Gabaldón. “I think there are ways. There are a lot of people suggesting that he come back and most of them are fans. And, all I can say is that I am willing. So anything is possible, ”said Verbeek.

Also, to close, he assured that “everything is possible for a time traveler, so we will see.” But, as no one from the production confirmed or denied this news, we will still have to wait for the publication of the series next year.

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