Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are living together

Outlander It is not only one of the most popular series of today, it is also a niche of a great friendship that was born and today we are all witnesses. It is about the union between Sam Heughan Y Graham McTavish, who commanded his television show called Men in Kilts, which has just finished its first season. Now they both gave the big announcement that they are living together. Amazing!

At the show Starz we see the interpreters tour Scotland to get to know the country in a different way, showing the traditions, historical facts and customs of the region. Although it has just ended its broadcast, Sam hope there is a second part: “We’ve barely scratched the surface there. I think hopefully this is just a start.”.

The friends appeared on an Instagram live, where they talked about the preparations for their next post. There they revealed that they moved in together and joked that it is “the beginning of a beautiful relationship”. While they were drinking wine Heughan commented: “We live together now, right?”, what Graham answered: “Actually, we do. It’s very beautiful and we’re not ashamed to talk about it now.”.

McTavish He then contributed: “We’re going to be stuck together in some kind of sweaty box for many, many, many hours.”. They provided more details of the book “The Clanlands Almanac: Seasonal Stories From Scotland”, as well as an audiobook based on their first release, “Clanlands”. On the live they confirmed that will go on sale on November 9.

“The Clanlands Almanac is available for preorder! On November 9th our little book on Scotland is published. A twelve month odyssey through Scotland, celebrating its culture, land, people and personalities (some of which might reveal our own shameful habits!) We hope you enjoy it! “says the description of the live cut published by Sam Heughan and Instagram.


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