Outlander: the theory that ensures a great tragedy in the sixth season

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Outlander It has become the public’s favorite adaptation in recent times, after its premiere on Starz Play and its subsequent arrival on the Netflix streaming service. At the moment we have five seasons available, which have already been enjoyed by fans, who are looking forward to the sixth part. According to a recent theory, there are two important characters who have their destiny marked.

The sixth installment of the program that is based on the saga of novels by Diana Gabaldon went through a complicated 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but on June 1 it was announced that filming was already finished. At that time they also confirmed that it will be available to air early in 2022, and they left some details of what we can see.

Starting to think about the new episodes, a user of the social network Reddit presented a theory along with other fans. As he advanced, due to his experience as a reader of the saga, We will see Wendingo Donner setting fire to the house at Fraser’s Ridge, Claire and Jamie returning to Scotland, him missing the ship to return to America and with Claire marrying John Gray, thinking her husband is dead..

What this user also points out is that Jamie and Claire will die in the sixth installment: “I guess it’s a question of how far away those plots will deviate and things will change.”he explained. In addition, he adds that in the books there is a lot of content to include and the production can return to take a path that is not unknown: make your own version, differing from the novels.

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The fan argued: “Some big things have already changed in seasons 3-5, so I’m not really sure what to expect with what they will include and what they will just make up.”. At the moment we do not have details to ensure its version, although it may be possible due to the antecedents of the adaptation. To know if Jamie y Claire they will die we must wait until 2022 with the new episodes of Outlander.

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