Outlander: this is how Claire would react to Jamie’s infidelity with Malva

Outlander: this is how Claire would react to Jamie's infidelity with Malva

Fans of Outlander they can’t take it anymore. On June 1, the end of the filming of the sixth season was confirmed at the same time as the premiere date: it will be next year. There is no official date yet, but the production made it clear that there will be no new episodes until early 2022, the same time that work will begin on the seventh edition.

So much so that, in the middle of the wait, many followers of Outlander they are already beginning to speculate about what is to come. It is known that this series is based on the novels of Diana Gabaldón so that several of the theories that transpired are based on what the original writer captured in her books. Although television production did take certain creative licenses, many of the things were written in Gabaldón’s volumes.

That is why now based on what happened in Wind and Ash, the sixth book of this story, many already know how Claire (Caitriona Balfe) would react to a possible infidelity of Jamie (Sam Heughan) with Malva (Jessica Reynolds). A few months ago from Starz they confirmed that the Christies will come to Fraser’s Ridge, as well as in the novels, to turn the lives of the protagonists upside down.

Come on Christie. Photo: (Starz)

Made up of Malva, her uncle Tom (Mark Lewis Jones) and her brother Allan (Alexander Vlahos), this family will get the protagonist into trouble. It all begins when Tom discovers that Malva is pregnant and to save herself she says that the father is Jamie. So upon hearing this, Claire reacts very furiously and beats up the supposed third party in their marriage before running off.

However, once she returns, she comes across the body of Malva who was killed by a cut to her throat. AND, Although she tries to save the baby in her womb, she does not succeed and everyone calls her a murderer to the point that she receives death threats. But, by telling this story, Diana Gabaldón gives it a closing that made the readers happy.

Fortunately, it is confirmed that Jamie did not have an affair with her since the victim was actually pregnant with her brother, Allan, who also turned out to be the murderer. However, this only happens in the books while in the television series anything can happen, so to know the truth, we will have to wait for the big premiere of Outlander.

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