Outlander: Why Season Six Wasn’t Coming to Netflix

Outlander: Why Season Six Wasn't Coming to Netflix

Outlander is among the most popular series of the moment and that is why its fans await news from its sixth season, which is already fully filmed. This original Starz Play show also has distribution on the streaming service Netflix, where you can currently find its five deliveries issued, but part 6 is at risk and for a particular reason would not make it to the platform.

As has happened with other film and television projects, the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, for which they had to suspend their recordings and for this reason the wait was extended. It will be the shortest season seen so far, with eight episodes, but in the seventh installment we will have 17 chapters as compensation.

What do we know about delivery number 6 so far? This is what he reported Variety: “The Frasers are striving to keep the peace and prosper within a society that, as Claire knows very well, is unknowingly marching toward Revolution. In this context, which heralds the birth of the new American nation, Claire and Jamie have built a home together on Fraser’s Ridge. Now they must defend this home, established on land granted to them by the Crown, not only from outside forces, but also from the growing struggles and conflicts in the community under their care. “.

+ Why Season 6 Wouldn’t Come to Netflix

A part of the public follows the fiction through Starz Play, but the truth is that it reached a peak of popularity when it was integrated into the catalog of Netflix, where it is mostly followed by the audience from Latin America. Nevertheless, this might not happen with the new chapters and is due to the arrival of a new player in the battle of the platforms: Star Plus, available in Latin America from August 31.

As fans know, another method of following the series was by subscribing to STAR Premium, where we find Outlander, which premieres at the same time as Starz and will be part of Star Plus when streaming begins in this region. Therefore, Disney could use that deal to knock Netflix, its main competitor, by the way., although it remains to be seen if on the other side there is not an unannounced strategy so far. For now, the sixth season will arrive in early 2022 and, if it reaches Netflix, it will do so in mid-2023.

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