Outlander writer Diana Gabaldon harshly criticized Game of Thrones and gave Starz a warning

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There are many series based on books that are successful around the world and Outlander is one of them. Launched by Starz and broadcast globally by Netflix, the fiction tells the story that Diana Gabaldón wrote in her volumes in a unique way. Starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the strip already has five seasons, on March 6 it will premiere the sixth and it still has a long way to go.

This is because while the series is just in its sixth edition, Diana Gabaldón has already released her ninth book of Outlander. Released on November 23rd, Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone, ended the longest literary Doughtlander in the history of this series. This is because, between the recent release and the release of the eighth volume, seven years passed that, for the fans, were eternal.

But, as the writer explained, in between she has been working on other things and, as if this were not enough, she also had two grandchildren. “In my own defense I should point out that I wrote four other books during this period of time, which I don’t normally do, and I had two grandchildren, which takes a bit of time from you.”Were the exact words that Gabaldon used.

Of course, given the time it took to launch his ninth book and, taking into account that he already announced that Outlander will end in a tenth letter, Diana was asked to see if the same thing would happen to her as George RR Martin, writer of Game of Thrones. So much so that she did not hesitate to assure that she feels very sorry for “poor george”, But that the same will not happen to her.

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He (Martin) met with the showrunners and told them what he planned to do in that book, so they could write accordingly later. They just didn’t write accordingly, they took their stuff, distorted it, and wrote their own ending.“Said Diana. Then, the writer finished: “they will never catch me, I will certainly finish the 10th book before they finish the show”. That is, there will not be a literary Doughtalnder as broad as last time and in Starz they will not know the end of the plot until she dictates it.

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