“Overcoming Anxiety and Finding Happiness: My Journey of Self-Discovery”

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Gloria Camila opens up about her struggles

Gloria Camila has been going through a difficult time lately, as she has candidly shared with her followers on social media. After withdrawing from the spotlight for a while to focus on her mental health, the 27-year-old influencer has admitted to experiencing anxiety and other related disorders.

Despite the challenges she faced, Gloria Camila emphasized that she is determined to keep fighting and take care of herself. Her honesty and openness on the topic have earned her support and admiration from her followers and fans.

The root of her struggles

According to Gloria Camila, her struggles stem from a variety of sources, including personal issues and the pressures of fame. She admitted to being overly sensitive and sometimes capricious, which makes it hard for her to face some situations.

However, she has also expressed her appreciation for the people who keep her grounded and make her happy. Being with them, as she put it, “earns her points” and gives her hope for better days ahead.

Fighting back against negativity

Despite facing occasional criticism and negativity on social media, Gloria Camila has made clear that she will not let it get to her. She has even taken steps to protect herself from “haters” by making some drastic decisions.

Overall, her message to her followers is one of hope and resilience, as she continues to navigate her mental health challenges and live her life on her own terms.

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