“Overcoming Memory Loss: Beatriz Moreno’s Journey to Finding Refuge”

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Beatriz Moreno celebrates 50 years of artistic career

2022 was a year of celebration for Beatriz Moreno, who marked her five decades of artistic career. However, after the celebration, the actress has seen her career pause, and although she constantly reminds herself that “something wonderful is preparing for me,” there are still no offers or projects on the horizon.

Her 50 years in some of the most important Televisa productions is part of television nostalgia, and she has been forced to take refuge in theater, which “has saved her life many times.” After the controlled reopening of public and entertainment spaces during the pandemic, Beatriz Moreno returned to the stage with the drama La Sombra and a comedy, Wild Turkeys, sealing her half-century of career.

Both works are significant to the actress as they provided a safe environment against lapses of memory loss resulting from COVID-19. Before premiering La Sombra, Moreno confessed that the pandemic made her doubt her entire career, and these thoughts became darker after she caught it. Accustomed to seeing her as a secondary actress, Moreno still hopes that when her desire for a wonderful project comes true, it might be that of a villain, something she has asked for several years.

In an interview with The Theater Billboard, Beatriz Moreno confessed that she would love to play an evil character consistent and challenging, “one that can exist in real life, for example, I really enjoy the work that Kathy Bates does in Misery, that wave would fascinate me, perverse, for these types of issues or for others.”

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Overcoming Adversity

Despite the challenges and obstacles she faced in her career and personal life, Moreno remains optimistic, relying on her extensive professional experience. “At the end of the day, all I have left is to trust that things will turn out well and that the preparation, the experience, and the concentration on what I have to be will help me.”

Moreno has overcome various challenges in her career, and this experience has turned her into a resilient artist. “Suddenly I have little gaps there, and fortunately in La Sombra and Wild Turkeys, I had generous companions who are aware that if these things happen, we can rescue ourselves.”

Despite the pause in her career, Beatriz Moreno remains confident and hopeful for her future in the entertainment industry, and her resilience is a testament to her passion and commitment to her craft.

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