“Overcoming the Ugliness: Reflections on a Difficult Stage in My Life”

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Priyanka Chopra, the protagonist of the new action series Citadel, opened up about her struggle with depression in a recent interview. The actress revealed that her depression started after an unsuccessful surgery on her nose. She was diagnosed with depression soon after, and her career suffered as she was cut from three films due to the change in her appearance. Priyanka’s second surgery and treatment for depression helped her take control of her career and move forward.

In a recent interview, Priyanka shared an important achievement in her profession. She earned the same salary as her co-star, Richard Madden, which she had never experienced before in her 23-year-long career. Priyanka acknowledged that there are many successful women who could not enjoy this benefit, and the fact that the head of Amazon Studios is a woman, Jennifer Salke, made the achievement possible.

Priyanka and her husband Nick Jonas went through a tough time after the premature birth of their daughter, Malti, in 2022. The girl had to remain in the intensive care unit for several months, which was a grueling period for the couple. Priyanka spoke about how she had to be strong for her daughter and make her feel that she was not alone. After her release from the hospital, Priyanka had trouble adjusting to care outside the hospital and had to put her ear on her daughter’s chest to make sure she was okay.

Jonas and Chopra were married in 2018 in a ceremony that lasted several days. The couple’s relationship moved quickly, and they announced their engagement after two months of dating. Despite the rough patches, the couple has remained strong and continues to support each other in their personal and professional lives.

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