Overwatch: McCree to change name due to Activision Blizzard controversy

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Overwatch, the multiplayer action phenomenon of Activision Blizzard, has been the last game to suffer the effects of the controversy that has engulfed the company. McCree He is one of the most charismatic characters in the title, and the fact that he owes his name to one of the developers of the title (Jesse McCree, who was recently fired) has been more than enough for the company to decide. change it with the intention of detaching from it. In addition, it has also confirmed that they will not release content based on something real.

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The character in question was about to have an unreleased story arc for September, but it has finally been delayed indefinitely. Through a statement on Twitter, the game’s official account explained that the main idea when creating the game world was that the “equality and inclusivity“Were”basic pillars to give rise to a better world”.

Activision Blizzard: controversy continues

It all started in mid-July, at which point Bloomberg disclosed the sexual harassment complaint – among other serious allegations – to Activision Blizzard by California (California Department of Fair Employment). Just a couple of days later, its president decided to make a public statement with the intention of defending himself. From that moment on, different testimonies from affected employees began to appear, as well as relevant figures in the history of the company such as former president Mike Morhaime, who did not hesitate to position himself on the side of the victims and show them his support.

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While the controversy continues, some Activision Blizzard projects have already been affected: Diablo Immortal has confirmed his delay to 2022, while the director of Diablo IV has been fired. As if that weren’t enough, the company’s reputation has been hit hard; several of its most popular games have lost half of their monthly users.

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