What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose? The Truth!

Owen Wilson's Nose

An Actor, a screenwriter, a producer, and of course an undeniably awesome person, Owen Wilson is known for many laurels. Right from ‘Mobius’ in the Loki series with Disney to his latest wonderful presence in The French Dispatch, this Texas-born star is not only a wonderful actor and sound artist but is known for his charm and charisma around the world.

However, as one of the most widely known personalities in the world, Owen Wilson has a unique feature that the fans around the world are intrigued by, his nose. The interesting shape of Wilson’s nose, not only, sets him apart from the common Hollywood who’s who but also completes his look with the shaggy blonde hair, unique sense of style, and a freshly shaved look. With a face so popular, this nose has become a signature in the eyes of all his fans. But, what does Owen Wilson think about this?

Though it is a major talking point in late-night talk shows and the interviews that precede the release of the films of this star, Wilson is known to notoriously be quiet as to the origins of this unique shape, which not only airs the interest but also has formed sort of a cult following around the story. With speculations about bar fights to football injuries, Wilson finally decided to share the story of his broken nose in an interview in 2001, LA Times interview.

In his interview, Owen narrates how he happened to break his nose not just once, but actually twice. The first break happened when Wilson was just a teen studying in St Mark’s high school in Dallas. He got into a fight with some other students and one of them gave him a broken nose. Before the nose could heal up, there was another incident at a football game during his days at the grade school, where a collision on the field re-broke his nose, giving it the unique shape that it has today!

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The actor is genuinely surprised by the number of people who come up to him and mention his nose to be “kind of odd, disfigured…” Though there is no doubt that the nose of the great actor has been a topic of conversation, Wilson has been least concerned with what people think about his ‘unique’ feature. With his 2021 return to the limelight, the questions and queries about his nose have started to resurface, however, there is something interesting about how his broken nose led his path to be in the movies.

You see, the fight at the school did not just end with his nose; it led to Wilson being kicked out of the school for reckless behavior. Due to this, his parents enrolled him at the New Mexico Institutes. After his graduation, Wilson then went on to attend the University of Texas where he would meet his friend and collaborator, the legendary filmmaker Wes Anderson.

So just think about it, if he would not get in that fight, the world media might miss out on the great star that is Owen Wilson! But it all worked out and we can’t wait to see Owen in Marry Me!  

In fact, he always ends the topic by saying that his nose wouldn’t have been so great even if he had not broken about it. However, one thing is definitely clear; Wilson doesn’t like talking about his nose!

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