Owen Wilson’s Tesla tires stolen

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Hollywood actor Owen Wilson was the victim of thieves who stole the tires of his Tesla car while he was parked in front of his home in California.

The Hollywood actor’s sleek car was looted in front of his Santa Monica property by thieves who snatched his tires and tires, causing a total loss estimated at $4,000.

The robbery is believed to have occurred sometime over the weekend, TMZ reported, adding that the incident was reported to police, which it is now investigating as a case of grand larceny.

The media also reported that authorities have been reviewing security cameras in the area to find the culprits.

Recently, the star of ‘Wedding Crashers’ opened up about the good moment that his life is going through after several years of going through some turbulence.

In an interview with Esquire magazine, he admitted that life hasn’t always been easy for him, but that he’s learned to deal with bad times.

“Sometimes it seems like life is played by Gene Hackman in ‘Hoosiers.’ Hard but fair. It’s going to demand a lot, but if you play as a team and do your job, things go well. It’s a good feeling. Things make sense.”

“But, of course, sometimes life seems played by Tom Hardy in ‘The Revenant,’ a kind of nightmare that tries to kill you, where even if you get the upper hand, he’s going to be there at the end whispering, ‘This isn’t going to give you back your guy’ or your dad or any good time in your past. Or whatever. And when life is at stake for that guy, you just have to hold on and wait for it to happen.”

Owen added that he’s in a much better mood now: “I’ve been in a kind of lucky place to feel pretty grateful for things. I know everything has ups and downs, but when you get on one of these waves, you have to put up with it as long as you can. I have felt – yes. I feel very grateful. Well, grateful is one of those words that are used all the time. Thankful. Of, you know, things.”

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