Own Music in TikTok Videos: Requirements and Copyright

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Music on TikTok is not only a feature but also an opportunity to promote your creativity. Once, Lil Nas X tried out TikTok trends and hit the wave with his song “Old Town Road”. As a result, the song topped the charts in the US, UK, Canada, Norway, and most other countries. Mainly thanks to this song, the performer had 17 nominations for awards, among which 9 were 100% victories. 

There are already a lot of such cases today. The platform has the most convenient conditions for promoting tracks, especially the creativity of novice performers. If you don’t have your own music, you still can find free music for TikTok on https://lesfm.net/music-for-tiktok/, and add it to your video. Meanwhile, we will tell you how to add side music to TikTok and find a new channel to promote your creativity.

Is it allowed to use your own music on TikTok?

You can use music if it does not violate anyone’s intellectual property rights and service rules. Any track that does not belong to you will violate the rules of intellectual property. So, you must be the only owner of it. The song you perform may not necessarily belong to you if it was recorded for free using a program where this is clearly stated in the terms of use.

It is not necessary to download sounds or fragments of songs missing in TikTok: it is easier to use a third-party video editor and add an audio track to the recorded video clip. In addition, a lot of music may be missing due to the ban of the performer. Some tracks, even when added by third-party methods, will be disconnected from the video.

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So, here are the criteria for your TikTok music:

  • It must not violate another person’s intellectual property rights; 
  • Adding music does not automatically make you the owner of it: it can be used and changed by others for commercial purposes without asking;
  • Nobody should claim for your track. You can only download it with the permission of all owners;
  • After downloading a piece of music, you can no longer complain about copyright violations. On the platform, ownership of these fragments is transferred to users, including for use outside of TikTok;
  • You are obliged to notify the label, co-owners, and everyone who has the rights to your works about uploading it to the system, as legally this is a partial transfer of ownership
  • You have the right to complain and defend your intellectual property rights by mailing to support;
  • By mistakenly downloading music that violates property rights, you can only be punished, not sued. 

The performer can upload his music through special services. It is enough to upload your music to the service and within 24 hours it will appear in iTunes, Google Play, TikTok, and other platforms.

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