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Özge Özpirinçci: how the position of the stars ‘affected’ his life

Ozge Ozpirincci She is one of the most recognized actresses of Ottoman origin of the moment, this due to her participation in various productions such as “Mujer”, the 2017 telenovela that has seven awards to her credit. In fiction, Özge plays Spring Fountain, a young mother who struggles to give her two children a decent life, even though she has to deal with difficult trials along the way.

There is no doubt that the 35-year-old actress is living one of the best stages of her life, not only at work but also personally. Özpirinçci is waiting for the arrival of her first child, the product of her marriage to the actor Burak Yamanturk, whom he met during the recordings of the series “Tatar Ramazan”.

Thanks to the passion she delivers in each of her projects on the small screen, the actress has managed to earn a place in the hearts of the audience. For this reason, Özge accumulates more than three million followers on his Instagram account, where he usually shares content to the delight of the public. This is how he pronounced himself on the position of the stars, through a curious photograph.

The future mother, who is characterized by having a fun and charming personality, recently published a snapshot where she is covered in blood and with some scratches, sarcastically revealing how the position of the stars ‘affected’ her being.

“Mercury retrograde is over, the new moon is approaching, the north node and south node have changed places, while Jupiter is sliding, Saturn is heading somewhere … #tbt #ilkvesonset”, wrote Ozge at the bottom of the image.

The publication quickly surpassed 90 thousand ‘I like you’ and 500 comments that confirm the opinion of the artist, at the same time that they applaud her sense of humor. Everything seems to point to the fact that many have perceived the effects of retrograde mercury, like the protagonist of ‘Woman’.

In astrology, this position of the planet plays an important role in life and in the decisions that people make, achieving different effects according to the different signs of the zodiac. Mercury can influence the ability to think and communicate a topic, impacting the mental introspection of humans.

“When Mercury is retrograde the general tendency will be towards mental introversion. That means that people will worry about personal matters and will have less energy for objective activity and personal relationships “, explains the astrologer Alexander Ruperti.

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