Özge Özpirinçci: this is how she looks after giving birth to Mercan, her first daughter

¡Ozge Ozpirincci she is already a mother! The beloved Turkish actress, who played Bahar in “Woman,” has given birth to her first daugther and, true to her style, she has not hesitated to show herself as she has been after giving birth.

The actress, who conquered the audience with the role of a young mother who struggles to give a decent life to her two children, now it was her turn to be a mother in real life, despite the fact that she herself had confessed that motherhood was something that “I couldn’t imagine.”

Now she has posted a picture after giving birth, one of the characteristics of this beloved actress: showing herself as she is.

The well-known Turkish actress, after giving birth in a hospital in Istanbul, published in one of her Instagram stories an image and an important message: “We have decided to preserve Mercan’s umbilical cord blood for its future”.

The truth is that being a mother has settled very well. In the image, she is seen with a shirt, her hair short and a slightly bulging belly, a natural characteristic of any woman after giving birth.

In her few appearances during her pregnancy, she was seen swimming with a spectacular belly and was also seen at eight months of gestation with a new look.

Özge Özpirinçci gave her daughter by cesarean section and she is in perfect health. The representative of the actress indicated that the birth of the baby was a success and both are well: “The health of the mother and the baby is very good”, reads the document. The little girl has measured 50 centimeters and has weighed 3,149 kilos.

The name of Özge Özpirinçci’s daughter is Mercan and not Üzüm, as the actress had previously announced.

Özpirinçci had announced that he would love to name his first daughter Üzüm, which in Spanish means “grape,” but acknowledged that many people were opposed. “I think it’s a good name. Also, Üzüm Yamantürk sounds good ”, said the actress months ago to the magazine ‘Hürryet’.

However, she ended up discarding that name because her husband did not like it. In addition, the actress confessed that she had not found allies to be able to do so. “Everybody keeps telling me ‘don’t do this to your daughter, Özge'”, then said the actress to the magazine. “I did not get support for this name. I think I will secretly call my daughter Üzum ”, he affirmed.

The actress Özge Özpirinçci was born on April 1, 1986 in the city of Istanbul (Tuquía). Currently, the Turkish actress is 35 years old.

She decided to study business administration and in 2008 when she began receiving auditions for commercials and ended up being chosen as the face for a brand of brownies. The world of advertising helped her to become known in her country.

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