Özge Özpirinçci: this is how the protagonist of “Woman” said goodbye to her latest project

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How did you say goodbye Ozge Ozpirincci from your latest Turkish soap opera? The actress has shared roles with Salih Bademci in the novel “Ilk ve son” (“First and last”), her possible farewell from television after playing Bahar in “Woman” (“Kadin”). The artist is pregnant and has made the decision to give her daughter her full attention and thus be away from the screens.

Özpirinçci is a Turkish interpreter who was born in Istanbul on April 1, 1986, making her 35 years old in 2021. She did not intend to pursue a career in acting and did her early studies at the Sabancı University of Istanbul, where he specialized in Business Administration.

But his life changed when he started doing commercial and her work in front of the cameras led her to television. In 2008 he debuted in the series “Do you have courage to love”With the character of marbling. Then he was in “Poplar Yelleri”, “Angels bless”, “Love again”, Up to the popular“ Kadin ”, with Bajar Çeşmeli, which brought him worldwide fame.

One of his latest projects has been the Turkish soap opera “First and last”, Which has reached the end of its first season and this is what it has stated Özge Özpirinçci en hush redes sociales about the inevitable closure of history in Turkey.

Actress Özge Özpirinçci said goodbye to the Turkish soap opera “First and last” through a history in your official account at Instagram. The artist placed an emoji of a face with a tear in front of the post de su coprotagonista Salih Bademci.

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“The worst of this Wednesday? That there is no new chapter of ‘Ilk ve son’ “Salih wrote on his Instagram account after the end of the first season of the Turkish novel. It is not known if the television series will have a season 2, but Özge’s situation could totally rule out that possibility.

Because the turkish actressIn previous interviews, she has said that she has decided to stay away from soap operas for a couple of years after she gives birth to her daughter. The announcement of her pregnancy was a surprise to her followers, who have regretted not seeing her one time more on the small screen, but they have celebrated the soon arrival of their baby.

The Turkish novel “Ilk ve son” is about a love story between Deniz y Baris, played by Ozge Ozpirinçci and Salih Bademci, respectively. They are a marriage that met at age 20 and that, after a decade of life together, will have several changes between funny and moving.

Turkish actress Özge Özpirinçci married fellow actor Burak Yamantürk on September 22 at a ceremony with just 20 people from his most personal circle, such as relatives and friends. The celebration was held at a property owned by Edhem Dirvana, husband of Tanem Sivar, a friend of the actress, in Bozburun, Marmaris, a small coastal town in southwestern Turkey.

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