“Pablo Sebastián discusses Concha Velasco’s health: A Delicate Yet Mentally Perfect Individual with Mobility Challenges”

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The delicate state of health of Concha Velasco

The health of Concha Velasco, the 83-year-old actress, is a major concern for her family. Since she moved into a residence in Madrid at the start of 2022, she has given several scares to her loved ones. Despite this, she has received constant support from her two children, Manuel and Paco, as well as her friends who have remained by her side.

One of her close friends, Pablo Sebastián, visited her recently and provided an update on her condition. He said that she was “delicate but stable” and that her loved ones should not be overly concerned about her health.

Updates from Manuel Velasco

Manuel Velasco, the son of Concha Velasco, has been providing regular updates on his mother’s health. In a recent interview with La Razón, he confirmed that there was nothing new to report and that his mother was stable.

Manuel is always by his mother’s side and takes care of her. He is the one who communicates with the press and updates them on his mother’s well-being. Concha Velasco left the world of acting after the coronavirus, and since then, her health has been a major concern for her fans and loved ones.

Concha Velasco’s Recent Birthday Celebration

Manuel Velasco and a group of friends recently visited Concha Velasco to celebrate her birthday. They were happy to report that the actress is doing well and that her spirits are high. They all had a pleasant time together, and it was a joyous occasion for everyone.

Despite her age and frail health, Concha Velasco remains a beloved icon of the Spanish entertainment industry. Her fans and loved ones continue to wish her well and hope that she will soon regain her strength.

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