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Paella Day 2021, why is it celebrated on September 20?

Paella is one of the best known dishes in the world. Its characteristic flavor and the way it is prepared, make this meal a highly valued dish internationally and that has fans all over the world. It is the best known dish in the Valencian Community where it has always been prepared in a humble and practical way. Because, On September 20, the Paella Day is celebrated annually.

We have to go back to 2015, when paella became the fourth most sought-after dish on the Internet globally, which led to the selection of the month of September as the most propitious to celebrate this day, because September is the month in the one who dries up the rice crop. The first time World Paella Day was celebrated was in 2018.

Recognition for paella

Thanks to being one of the most popular dishes in the world, in 2018 Paella Day was celebrated for the first time, where events were organized throughout the community to pay tribute to this dish.

The importance of this dish is so important globally that in Sueca, since 1964, the International Valencian Paella Contest is held, which tries to pay tribute to this typical dish, in addition to awarding the best home-made paella of the year.

For many years, this event has become a tourist attraction within the Valencian Community, since you can see the best and most different types of paellas and rice dishes around the world.

World Paella Day

Likewise, despite the fact that the Sueca contest is the most traditional, the II World Paella Day is also celebrated today, where eight chefs of international level measure themselves to know which is the richest paella in the world in 2021.

In this contest, which has been running for two editions, the eight chefs must face each other by cooking a paella live that will serve to obtain the winner’s trophy and a commemorative jacket of the contest.

And is that paella is a typical dish but it can be prepared in many ways, although the traditional recipe only has two keys that we must take into account: the proportions of rice and water.

Paella is the most international Spanish dish that exists, being one of the most sought after in the world and one of the most difficult to prepare for many international chefs.

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