Palliative care nurse reveals what dying patients say

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A hospice nurse has become viral on TikTok after revealing what most dying patients say. Julie McFadden, from California, United States, uses her social networks to talk about death and show part of her daily life to her more than 400 thousand followers.

“The best part of my job is educating patients and their families about death, as well as supporting them emotionally and physically.”said the worker in conversation with the British media The Sun. “I also really like that the patient and the family feel comfortable knowing that we will be there to control their symptoms.”.

With this in mind, McFadden created an account on TikTok where he not only responds to the concerns of Internet users but also dedicates himself to talking about death in an educational way.

A few days ago, he posted a video about the things that normally happen to most patients who are about to lose their lives.

“There is something that most people say before they die and it is usually ‘I love you’ or they call their mom or dad, who usually have already died.”, explains Julie.

He also explained that changes in breathing, changes in skin color, terminal secretions and fever are normal symptoms when a person is in their final moments.

“They are normal and they are not painful or uncomfortable. Our bodies take care of themselves at the end of life; the less we intervene, the better ”he adds.

Additionally, McFadden said that it is difficult to explain what happens when a person dies, since we are all different; however, in the final moments, when a person dies naturally in hospice care, most show the same signs and symptoms.

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