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Palm Buds Pro: Lifestyle-Startup versucht sich an In-Ear-Headphones

The US startup Palm Ventures has presented a new product: after a mini cell phone, the company is next to launch in-ear headphones. The Palm Buds Pro can currently be pre-ordered for 100 US dollars, and they should then cost 130 US dollars on a regular basis. It is not known whether they are also sold in Germany. However, Palm promises on its website that the earphones will be shipped internationally.

The Palm Buds Pro come with active noise cancellation, which is made possible by three microphones per earplug. The batteries should last between 4.5 and 5.5 hours depending on use, with the charging case, according to the manufacturer, a total of up to 24 hours are possible. According to IPX4, the Palm Buds Pro are protected against sweat.

The design of the Palm Buds Pro previously used brands such as “Hengyuan” and “Enacfire”.

(Image: Palm)

The in-ears of the tech start-up will be sent out on November 9th. The fact that the earphones still have to come on the market does not stop Palm Ventures from display enthusiastic customer reviews on your own website. “I could never use another pair of earbuds for my workout again,” exults “Jordan P”. And “Alex F.” Judges, “I’ve tried them all and there are no better ANC buds than this one”.

Meanwhile, the technology magazine The Verge noticed that Palm apparently did not design the Buds Pro itself: There are several Chinese brands that sell identical-looking in-ears in various online stores. It is unclear to what extent they differ technically: For example, Palm promises more microphones for the Buds Pro than the identical-looking products of the Chinese brands have. Palm confirmed to the technology magazine that the earphones were manufactured “with the support of suppliers from China”.

Today’s Palm has nothing to do with the earlier company that used PDAs to make the ancestors of modern smartphones. This original Palm was bought by HP in 2010 before the end of Palm products was announced in 2011. In 2014, HP sold the rights to the Palm brand name to a Californian startup that is supported by the Chinese company TCL Corporation and is now known as Palm Ventures.

Palm Ventures presents itself as a lifestyle company and markets its products to young, sporty people. The company is funded by NBA star Steph Curry, among others, who can often be seen in advertising campaigns for palm products. The only product from Palm so far was a mini smartphone, which was announced in 2018: The product simply called “Palm” has a small 3.3-inch display and only works when it is “coupled” to another cell phone. The mini cell phone finally came to Germany via Vodafone and Amazon.


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