Pamela Anderson Fondly Recalls Iconic Role in Red Bodysuit

Pamela Anderson Rocks ‘Baywatch’ Look in Frankies Bikinis Collaboration

Pamela Anderson took a trip down memory lane as she recalled her time as lifeguard CJ Parker in ‘Baywatch’. The 55-year-old actress shared a photograph on social media where she modeled a tight red bodysuit, similar to the one she wore in the 1989 series. Anderson helped to highlight the worked silhouette and beauty of the swimsuit brand Frankies Bikinis in the photo, which belongs to a session shot on the beaches of Malibu.

In the photograph, Anderson posed with the sleeveless garment, fitted at the waist, high cut in the bikini area, and a deep circular neckline. To enhance her look, she added several gold necklaces and circular earrings. She also showed her face with makeup in natural tones, nude lipstick, light golden shadows, and tanned blush.

Anderson has now taken up this sultry and iconic style to promote her new swimsuit collaboration with Frankies Bikinis. The collaboration will officially drop on May 4, and the actress is thrilled to share her favorite ideas and tricks of the trade with her fans.

One of the iconic red outfits Anderson wore for five seasons of ‘Baywatch’ still sits among her belongings. The actress revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she had the pair back then, but now she only has one, which she wears from time to time.

The Hollywood star channeled her character and iconic outfit during the launch of her Netflix documentary, ‘Pamela: A Love Story’. She wore a fitted, bright red luxe maxi dress, matching the makeup and hair style she used to rock on the series. The documentary was released earlier this year to tell her side of her life story and to take on the Pam & Tommy series that was released by Hulu without her permission.

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According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, the release of the series was “very painful for Pamela and anyone who loves her. She feels so violated to this day.” The series’ theme song “brings her back to a very painful moment,” when she was robbed and released a sex tape she filmed with Tommy in 1995.

Despite the setbacks, Anderson continues to be an icon of the entertainment world. With her new collaboration, fans of the actress and fans of the iconic television show ‘Baywatch’ can now recreate the iconic beach look that made Pamela Anderson a star.

Pamela Anderson has collaborated with the swimwear brand Frankies Bikinis to promote her new swimsuit line. The actress modeled a red bodysuit, similar to the one she wore as CJ Parker in ‘Baywatch,’ for a photoshoot on the beaches of Malibu. Anderson also channeled her Baywatch character during the launch of her Netflix documentary ‘Pamela: A Love Story.’ Despite the release of the Pam & Tommy series, which was released without her permission, Anderson continues to be an icon of the entertainment world.

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