Pamela Anderson Will Tell Her Story In Netflix Documentary

Pamela Anderson

Every action has a reaction, and in Hollywood, this means that each controversial release based on true events and shrouded in controversy is followed by another equally controversial release that refutes the original and tells the same story from a different perspective.

After the long-awaited House of Gucci movie, it was revealed that the Gucci family would be involved in bringing to the small screen a drama turned series about the true story; and after Netflix’s Inventing Anna, Anna Delvey’s former friend and victim, Rachel DeLoache Williams, will presumably have her say, having sold her story to HBO. Now, another series is about to reframe its narrative: the strident and controversial Pam and Tommy. And the person who leads the command to set the record straight? Pamela Anderson herself.

Kicking off in March, the Baywatch star confirmed she would tell her own story in a Netflix documentary. The announcement was made on Instagram, where she posted a note written with the streaming giant’s name and seal in which she described herself as ‘not a victim, but a survivor who is ‘alive to tell the true story.

Directed by Emmy nominee Ryan White (The Case Against 8, The Keepers), the new film is billed as the definitive documentary about the pop culture icon, offering an intimate portrait of his professional and personal life. You’ll have exclusive access to Anderson, never-before-seen archival footage, and excerpts from his diaries. Anderson’s two sons with ex-husband Tommy Lee, Brandon Thomas Lee, and Dylan Jagger Lee have expressed support for the project on social media (Brandon is also one of its producers).

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The production is said to have been in the works for years, but the timing of Anderson’s posting his message is significant. Pam & Tommy, the eight-part series that could in part be fiction of the tumultuous marriage of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and the scandal in which they were involved after the leak of their sex tape, premieres on March 9.

The series was created without Anderson’s approval or involvement and, since it began airing, her relatives have spoken of her refusal to see it and how painful it has been for her that the public returns to see such a distressing period of her life. “After the tape was made public, it was a very traumatic situation and it is unfair to be subjected to this trauma again as if the wound were reopened,” a source said. Now, with the power in her hands, we are sure that everything Pamela Anderson produces will be a must-see spectacle.

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