Pamela Díaz surprises with a confession about her intimate toys

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The cheerleader was doing an Instagram live when the heated moment happened.

The model and co-host of Intimate, Pamela Díaz, had a full and unfiltered conversation with the also animator Yazmin Vasquez during a Live of Instagram.

It all happened while they were talking about quarantines and how loneliness has affected people, until they ended up talking about sex toys.

And so, without any hesitation, Pamela asked Yazmin if he had gone to a sex shop and if he had ever bought sex toys.

“Notice that that doesn’t motivate me so much. Why am I going to lie to you,” Vásquez explained. Pamela, upon hearing Yazmín’s response, agreed with his opinion and clarified that even when she has been single, they do not attract her attention.

“No, I have never had. I have never bought one. And if they give it to me, I will give it later. Obviously I have never used it. I will not give it away used. They charge me. People love the sexual theme”, Jean Philippe Cretton’s partner responded.

For his part, Yazmín replied that “what happens is that people are very hot. And with quarantine things have been …”

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