Pampita reveals if the birth of her daughter will appear or in her new reality show

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Pampita reveals new details of her daughter's birth

The model revealed new details about the documentary that will show her personal and professional life, and fans are wondering if that includes the birth of her baby.

Pampita is not only a month away from her due date, she is also filming a reality show for Paramount+ that will show her life as a pregnant woman and her role as a wife and mother, as well as her professional life.

And in conversation with Teleshow, the model spoke precisely about the birth of her new daughter and whether the delivery will be part of the reality.

“Until the time comes, we don’t know how I’m going to go through it … How I’m going to live it. There is nothing decided. There is no pressure on that issue. And we are going to see when it happens …”, replied the host of Pampita Online with a laugh. , which for months has had a camera that follows her everywhere for the ten-episode documentary that she bears by name Being Pampita.

On the purpose of reality, Pampita explains that the intention is not to show a perfect life, but to show the real life of women.

“There is nothing imposed here. It is day to day. How you travel and how you combine being dedicated to the house, being a good couple, paying attention to the things you do … And that everything more or less goes well. What happens to all women today. There is nothing perfect. Nor do I think anyone can have a perfect life. “

In addition, the jury of The academy He opened up about the anxiety he’s beginning to feel to know what it will be like and to get to know her. “It is the fifth and there is less pressure. You know what you are facing. The expectations are different. There are no fears. In a first-time birth … the unknown. But after four you know how the circumstances are going to be and what you are going to do. to transit. “

And as for the name of the baby, sources close to the driver assure that at the moment there are four names that the couple likes. Among the options, one of the favorites is Victoria and another is Agustina; however, the other two names preferred to keep them secret.

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