Pancho Rodríguez boasts the good relationship he maintains with his ex with revealing audio | VIDEO – MAG.

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The program “You are in all” made a fun report with members of “This is War”, who were asked who are the people who have been the loves of his life over the years.

‘Pancho’ Rodríguez was one of those who surprised with his answers. For the member of the “Combatientes”, the mother of his children was his first official partner, with whom he had a relationship of eight years.

After admitting that he has had too many romantic relationships, the reality boy confessed that he currently maintains good communication with his ex-partner, a young Colombian with whom he did not last long.

With her I get spectacular. She is my friend, I tell her my things, she advises me, she is spectacular “, said the model after revealing before the cameras the audio that his ex had just sent him.

‘Pancho’ Rodríguez once again denied that he and the salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia had an affair, and reiterated that they only had a good friendship. “She has been my friend. Nothing has happened”, sentenced the member of the competition reality show.

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