Paola Franchi: Meet the Interior Designer and Maurizio Gucci’s Lover

You may like it or not, but you surely cannot ignore the fact that House of Gucci is one of the most talked-about movies of 2021. The movie premiered in November last year, starring Lady Gaga in the lead role, and everyone has been talking about it since then. This crime drama takes you to the story of Patrizia Reggiani, who betrothed Maurizio Gucci into the Gucci Family after being raised in a humble household.

While Maurizio Gucci was married to Patrizia, he also had a rumored mistress, Paola Franchi, whom he called his lover and live-in partner.

This article covers everything about Paula Franchi. Read below to know what she does, how she met Gucci, and where she is now.

Maurizio Gucci – Her Childhood Friend

Paola Frachi was borin in 1953 in Milan. She was raised in her hometown and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. While she was a child, she became a good friend of Maurizio Gucci. Both Paola and Gucci grew up together.

In 1972, Maurizio got hitched to Patrizia Reggiani and Paola even attended their wedding.

Paola is A Successful Businesswoman

Paola is a well-established interior designer and Italian artist. Her work is highly notable among the nobles. Her artistic acumen brought her numerous home decoration projects, including that of renowned businessmen and celebrities.

A Glimpse into Paola’s Personal Life

In 1983, Paola walked down the aisle with Giorgio Colombo, a copper industrialist. The couple led a happy married life and welcomed their son, Charly, after two years of getting hitched. Soon, their married life took a U-turn and they did not get along with each other anymore. The couple parted their ways and got busy with their own lives.

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Franchi found solace in Gucci’s company as they both were disturbed by their unyielding, unhappy married lives. In 1990, they started dating, and it continued for five years. Afterward, Franchi became Gucci’s live-in partner. The couple shared a luxury apartment in Corso Venezia, Milan.

Four years after dating Paola, Gucci divorced Reggiani, and in the following year, Franchi and Gucci decided to walk down the aisle at Saint Mortiz Estate, Switzerland. Unfortunately, the couple never had their happily ever after. On the 27th of March, 1995, Gucci was shot by a hitman outside his office building. Right after her lover’s death, Paola was ordered to vacate their apartment as she did not have any claim over his property.

The investigation of Gucci’s murder continued for two years, after which Regianni along with four other individuals, was charged with killing him.  

The Ordeal Continues

The death of her lover was not the only loss in Paola’s life. In 2001, Charly went through suicide and died on the spot. If the reports are to be believed, Franchi was highly affected by her son’s death. She even built a charity firm, L’Amico Charly.

During the same time, Franchi was often seen spending her time writing and painting. She is a prolific writer. Her writing later led to an autobiography she released in 2010 called L’amore Strappato (My Broken Love).

Where is Paola Franchi Now?

Before she started dating the businessmen, Paola made a living as a model and interior designer. She continued her passion for interior designing after his passing as well. As of now, Paola is residing somewhere in Italy. She has been maintaining a private and low-key life.

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Some Lesser-Known Facts About Paola Franchi

  • There were claims that Paola dated Gucci only because she wanted to acquire his wealth. However, she rubbished this claim and stated that her ex-husband was wealthier than her boyfriend.
  • During the trials for Gucci’s murder, the prosecutors suspected that Patrizia was jealous of her husband’s relationship with Paola. She killed him because Gucci’s marriage with Paola would have cut her alimony to half.
  • Paola’s autobiography is full of profound thoughts on her relationship with Gucci, her son’s suicide, and how she used her art to cope with the grief of these life-changing events.
  • It is estimated that the net worth of an interior designer is 1 million USD which she solely acquired from her interior design. She has another source of income too, but she has never discussed it.
  • Paola’s son Charly lived in Gucci’s apartment with the couple and was fond of him.
  • Actress Camille Cotton played Paola Franchi in House of Gucci.
  • Paola is currently single and hasn’t dated anyone since Maurizio’s death.
  • Her charity, L’Amico Charly work helps troubled or suicidal teens.

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