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Papa Roach Endorses Talented 10-Year-Old Girl for “AGT” Finals

Everyone pretty much lost their minds when this 10-year-old girl delivered a powerful electric guitar cover of a Papa Roach song on America’s Got Talent. Even the band members themselves were impressed by her incredible performance! In fact, they shared a video of her shredding their popular song, “Last Resort,” on social media. They also encouraged their fans to support the young girl as she plays her way into the finals!

“P Roach fans let’s tap in on this tonight and help this girl get to the finals!” they wrote in the caption of their post.


🪳P Roach fans let’s tap in on this tonight and help this girl get to the finals! @Maya Neelakantan is a 10yr old that rocked Last Resort🎸 on @America’s Got Talent 🤘 Episode airs TONIGHT 8/7c on @NBC and streaming on @Peacock #americasgottalent #mayaneelakantan

♬ original sound – paparoach

Many people weren’t expecting 10-year-old Maya Neelakantan to blow their minds with an epic guitar solo. Dressed in traditional Indian garb, the young girl came off as shy and unassuming. However, it soon became clear that, with a guitar in her hands, she was anything but. Her Papa Roach cover had the America’s Got Talent audience on their feet in no time!

Of course, Maya was completely thrilled that the band approved of her rendition of their song.

“It’s an honor!” she responded in the comments section. “Thank you so much @paparoach! I’m very happy you enjoyed it. Thank you for all your love and support. Means a lot.”

So far, it looks like Papa Roach fans are rooting for Maya on America’s Got Talent. Commenters on the band’s post absolutely loved the girl’s performance!

“My Flabbers were gasted,” said one user. “That was amazing!”

Another suggested, “So y’all gonna get her to one of your shows and have her play this with you right!?!?!”

We can’t wait to see what else Papa Roach fan and guitar prodigy Maya Neelakantan has in store for us on America’s Got Talent. This talented kid is going places!

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