Paper Heroes Announces The Apocryphal Ivalice – Memories of the RPG: Vagrant Story

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The Spanish publishing house Héroes de Papel has announced the publication of the second volume of its collection Memories of the RPG. Is about The apocryphal Ivalice – Memories of the RPG. Vagrant Story, a tome that focuses on the PlayStation classic developed by the former Squaresoft, now Square Enix. “Through its pages, the book invites you to unravel the links between the game and other famous RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, which frame Vagrant Story in an apocryphal Ivalice”, they explain in the press release.

The book, prepared by one of the best-known Spanish-speaking web portals specialized in Final Fantasy, The Forgotten Capital, will go on sale next February 24 for 19.95 euros, but it is already available to reserve at the publisher’s website. Those who do will receive an exclusive bookmark and an acrylic charm with the emblem of the video game. When it is launched on the market, it can also be bought in bookstores and large stores.

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A fantasy trip

The Apocrypha Ivalice accompanies us on a journey that goes from the first trip to Bordeaux, where the development team looked for inspiration for the creation of this work, which has gone down in history as one of the cult role-playing games. Unfortunately, Square Enix has not worked on any version adapted to the current times.

“Follow in the footsteps of Ashley Riot through the city of Leá Monde in search of the Müllenkamp sect, a journey that will lead him to discover mysterious powers hidden for thousands of years.” Vagrant Story was released on the first PlayStation when PlayStation 2 was about to be commercialized. Something similar happened with Final Fantasy IX, although in the latter case it was a world-famous saga. The world of Ivalice from Vagrant Story was rescued in titles like Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy Tactics.

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