Parents forgive the man responsible for their daughter’s death and invite him to live in their home

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The parents of a British woman who died in a traffic accident forgave the man responsible for her death and took him into their home, informs Metro.

Maria Jiménez, 24, died in 2017 after asking a friend, Nick Tay, to drive her home because she had been drinking that night. The friend, who did not have insurance to drive the car, was speeding when he collided with the central division of the freeway. The woman, who did not fasten her seat belt, died on the spot.

At first, it was difficult for the family to overcome their anger over the death of their daughter. His father, Fernando Jiménez, confessed who wanted to buy a machete and kill him. However, Elizabeth, the mother, she was worried about Nick’s condition, whose family lived in Singapore.

“At first it was very difficult to forgive Nick, but then I realized that it was not about forgiving the man, but about forgive their stupidity“, affirmed Fernando Jiménez.

When the three were finally reunited, Nick hugged Fernando and asked for his forgiveness. Since then, man is like a son to parents of her friend. Since Nick had nowhere to go, the family invited him to live with them in Guilford (England), where he stayed for six weeks.

Sentenced to five years in prison, Nick Tay was released after three and a half years and later deported to Singapore.

The couple keep in touch with Nick and wait to see it again when the epidemiological situation allows it. Following the tragedy, Elizabeth began working as a reconciliation ambassador, helping prisoners and their families adjust to their new, forever changed life.

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