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Paris Hilton and Meghan Trainor Team Up for ‘Iconic’ Collab Co-Produced by Sia

Entertainment icon Paris Hilton and pop sensation Meghan Trainor have announced a new single titled “Chasin’” scheduled for release on July 26.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Hilton and Trainor shared details about their collaborative track, which will feature on Hilton’s upcoming album Infinite Icon. The track benefits from the co-production talents of Sia.

Meghan Trainor shared her excitement about the project, saying, “I started working on this song years ago and knew I had to save it for someone very special. Paris brought it to a whole new level. I can’t believe I get to be friends with her.”

Paris Hilton mirrored the sentiment, stating, “[Meghan] put into words an experience that was so true for me; that time in your life when you find the confidence, power, and self-love to walk away from toxic relationships and move forward with your life.”

Trainor elaborated on her friendship with Hilton, saying, “She is the sister I always needed and when she calls me sis, I die of happiness inside. We made something truly iconic together and it was a bucket list dream come true for me.”

This announcement follows Hilton’s cameo in the music video for Jason Derulo and Trainor’s song “Hands On Me,” which paid homage to Hilton’s early 2000s reality show, The Simple Life.

Hilton recently spoke with Billboard about her admiration for Trainor. “One of my favorite features is with Meghan Trainor. She’s just so sweet and amazing. We met years ago during New York Fashion Week. She just came up to me, like, ‘I’m the third Hilton sister.’ Then I immediately just loved her so much and we became best friends.”

Paris Hilton has been preparing for her musical comeback since December 2022, when she re-released her debut single as “Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version)” and performed it alongside Miley Cyrus and Sia at Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve concert in Times Square.

Hilton’s upcoming album, Infinite Icon, is set to be released on September 6 during New York Fashion Week. This will be her first full-length project since her 2006 debut album Paris, which featured her biggest hit to date, “Stars Are Blind.”

Source: Rolling Stone, Billboard