Paris Hilton in the sweet waiting? The socialite responds to rumors

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Paris Hilton came out to deny the rumors that claimed that she is in the sweet waiting. However, the socialite revealed that becoming a mother is within her short-term plans.

On his “This is Paris” podcast, Hilton jokingly said: “Thank you all for the messages, and yes, I am pregnant with triplets.”

After its occurrence, she was serious and ruled out that she was pregnant. “I’m serious. I’m not pregnant. Not yet”, He said. “I’m waiting until after the wedding. My dress is still being made right now, so I want to make sure it looks beautiful and fits perfectly, so I’m definitely looking forward to that part. “

Nevertheless, Hilton assured that before next year she wants to become a mother. “I can’t wait to have children in 2022”, he claimed. “But like I said, right now I’m getting ready for the wedding.”

Last February, the renowned businesswoman and model made news after she announced that she was engaged to Carter Reum, who gave her the engagement ring on a private island.

“As we walked to dinner on the beach, Carter took (me and my family) to a flower-decked hut and dropped to one knee. I said yes, yes forever. There is no one with whom I prefer to spend (life) forever ”, Hilton recounted on his Instagram account.

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