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Paris Hilton's Toddler Phoenix Walking in Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Paris Hilton’s Toddler Phoenix Walking in Behind-the-Scenes Clip
Getty/Instagram Composite

Paris Hilton’s kids certainly have their mom’s energy. Her son, Phoenix, is already showing signs that he’s ready to venture into the world and make a name for himself. Hilton recently shared a behind-the-scenes clip from an at-home photo shoot where it was evident that she and her husband, Carter Reum, struggled to get Phoenix to stay still. This has been a recurring issue ever since Phoenix started walking on his own.

In the video, Paris is seen trying to hold onto her squirmy eldest child, but Phoenix is not having it. Reum ends up holding his son’s hand and walking him away, preventing what could have been a minor disaster—Phoenix nearly pulling down a light from the shoot, which could have complicated the otherwise simple event.

As many know, Paris is now a mother to two toddlers—one-year-old Phoenix and eight-month-old daughter London. Unlike some other celebrities, Paris has no qualms about showing her kids’ faces and sharing her parenting experiences, even the mistakes. She has received kind advice from other parents online, such as the time she put Phoenix’s life vest on backward. Paris has openly acknowledged these parenting faux pas on social media and has expressed gratitude for the helpful tips she gets from fellow moms.

Every time Paris receives advice, she thanks the mothers online for their guidance, which she says is incredibly useful. It seems she genuinely enjoys sharing the milestones of her parenting journey, understanding that children grow up all too fast, even the famous ones.

Kids really do grow up so fast, even the famous ones!

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