Park Shin Hye Dating History: Actors she Dated before she Married

With Park Shin Hye’s beauty, talent, and fame, it’s no surprise that the actress has had romances and dating rumors throughout her career, which ones were true?

This weekend left its mark on fans of Korean dramas, a long-awaited event occurred when Park Shin Hye’s long-awaited wedding took place and we saw her start her marriage with actor Choi Tae Joon.

The wedding was beautiful and emotional, it had big stars on its guests and fans even referred to the event as ‘a dorama wedding’ because of how charming it was.

In the wake of this wedding, many remembered the love stories that revolved around the actress on and off the screen, who was Park Shin Hye’s boyfriend before she got married?

The celeb usually has great chemistry with its co-protagonists of the dramas and in some cases sparked rumors of romance. Today we will tell you about the rumors of the most famous dates of the beautiful actress, as well as the love relationships that she made known publicly.

Choi Tae Joon

Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon are getting married and having a baby!  Everything you need to know about the K-drama couple's famously private  relationship | South China Morning Post

Let’s start with the story of the actor who is now Park Shin Hye’s husband. In March 2018, they confirmed the suspicions of many and their agencies announced that they had begun to be a couple after knowing each other as friends for a long time.

Jung Yong Hwa

Jung Yong Hwa - 정용화 - Rakuten Viki

This guy has worked with Park Shin Hye on several occasions, first being the supporting boy of You Are Beautiful and then they became a couple within the drama Heartstrings. Rumors began to gather steam and in fact, although they were offered to work on another drama together, Yong Hwa turned down the role.

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He explained that there were several reasons not to take the role, but one of them was rumors because in reality, they have only been good friends.

This was one of the love rumors with greater force because in 2015 Korean media reported that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk had begun dating since they worked in Pinocchio, according to the statements the romance had persisted until months later and it was then that photos of both were published in alleged romantic dates.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk In Talks To Make Special Appearance In “The Witch” Sequel  Following Military Discharge | Soompi

However, in this case, they denied that it was a romantic plan and pointed out that they were only friends.

Another well-known case was when rumors pointed out that Park Hae Jin and Park Shin Hye were more than friends, the actor quickly responded by denying it, but also expressed his annoyance, because the issue gained so much strength that it could even affect the friendship they share. GMO!

Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin - 박해진 - Rakuten Viki

As expected, after starring in The Heirs, these two stars of the dramas were also involved in dating rumors, as they also got along very well on set. Very soon the actor’s agency denied it and asked that the suspicions be stopped.

Lee Min Ho was indeed one of the guests at Park Shin Hye’s wedding and both showed their great sense of humor and the friendship they share, how did it happen?

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