Park Soo Ryun: The Tragic Demise of Snowdrop’s Korean Actress Revealed

By: Dan Cooper

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The South Korean entertainment industry mourns the sudden passing of Park Soo Ryun

The South Korean entertainment industry is in mourning. Park Soo Ryun passed away suddenly in her country and the investigations have not yet revealed the exact circumstances in which the death of the 29-year-old K-drama actress occurred, but her parents have already made a laudable request.

Learn in the following note a little more about the life of this artist who has mourned South Korea. Her name had already become popular in Asian dramatic productions.

Not surprisingly, the series he plays, “Snowdrop” (2021), transcended borders and reached Latin American screens through the Star Plus platform. That success has allowed him to become known in much of the world, beyond Asia, and that same public is the one that now regrets his early departure.

How did Park Soo Ryun, the actress of “Snowdrop,” die?

According to South Korean media reports, Park Soo suffered a home accident while on his way home last June 11: Fell down a flight of stairs. Immediately after the event, she was transferred to a hospital, where she arrived, according to the medical report, with brain death. Her fans have used different social networks to dedicate tribute posts to her Once her death was confirmed, the mother of the actress asserted that her daughter’s organs will be donated. “Only her brain is unconscious and her heart continues to beat. There must be someone who desperately needs (organs),” her mother told the Korean culture website “Soompi”. “As his mother and father, we will be able to live in comfort (by the thought that his heart) has gone to someone and is beating,” he added.

It is worth noting that Ryun was scheduled to perform on Jeju Island, the largest island in Korea del Sur, that same June 11, but it is still not clear if the accident occurred before or after it. Dressed after one of her artistic presentations.

Who is Park Soo Ryun, the actress from K-drama?

Ryun was a South Korean musical actress who made her debut in 2018 with a recital of the creative musical called “Il tenore”. In addition, within her professional file are her participation in other musicals such as “Finding Kim Jong Wook”, “Passing Through Love” and “Siddhartha”. Her most outstanding role of hers, without a doubt, had been in “Snowdrop”; In the series starring Jung Hae-in and Jisoo -singer of the musical group BLACKPINK-, Park Soo gave life to a student at Hosu Women’s University. He was not officially known as a couple Ryun is the second K-drama actress to pass away in recent times. In January 2022, Kim Mi-soo, who also starred in “Snowdrop,” died of mysterious consequences.

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