Parties, free marijuana and gold jewelry: the most curious Covid-19 vaccination campaigns around the world

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From hot dogs or donuts, to free marijuana, or gold jewelry, these are just a few of the unusual incentives to which many countries turned to promote the citizens to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and thus face the advance of the pandemic that he already left million dead in the entire world.

Germany: from parties to free sausages

In this case, the European country organized various creative vaccination campaigns, including the “Long Vaccination Nights”, three evening music and vaccination parties at the Berlin club Arena, an event hall next to the River Spree.

Beyond the initiative of the German capital, a municipality of the federal state of Thuringia provoked a flood of vaccination appointments offering a free sausage to each vaccinated. A campaign of similar resonance recently took place in a city in Saxony.

Vaccinations were also carried out in soccer stadiums, in amusement parks and open-air museums, as well as in a pub in the city of Karlsruhe, in wine festivals and markets in different cities, and even in the heidelberg zoo. In Bruchsal, also in southwestern Germany, the vaccines were placed on a Ferris wheel. Reward: one free spin.

In the Bavarian Alps an initiative took place in a mountain station at 1,800 meters of altitude. However, due to thick fog and rain, only a few hikers made it to the appointment.

Thailand: a cow and gold jewelry

For his part, he leaves no stone unturned to motivate the population to get vaccinated. In the district rural of Mae Chaem, with many inhabitants reluctant to puncture, a cow is raffled every week among those who attend to get vaccinated. According to local media, the campaign will continue until 70 percent of the region’s population has been vaccinated.

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The success of the approach is not surprising: in the kingdom, a cow is worth 10,000 baht, the equivalent of roughly $ 300, which is a lot of money in a country hit by the coronavirus and the absence of tourism.

In the northeastern district of Khon Kaen, on the other hand, the authorities announced that they will raffle three gold chains among the first 2,000 citizens to get vaccinated. Each piece is worth approximately $ 200.

France: free recitals and bus tickets

France it is also not left behind, and seeks that the population young man get vaccinated. The authorities of the city of Nîmes, In the south of france, organized a virtual raffle and raffled among the young people from 18 to 25 years old who have received at least one dose of vaccine tickets for recitals, free bus tickets or tickets for the pool. In Argenteuil, near Paris, there was a similar campaign.

In the “country of love” there is also an attempt to encourage the population with romantic and non-material rewards: An advertising campaign shows a couple passionately kissing in the back seat of a car, accompanied by the slogan: “Yes, vaccination can have desirable side effects.”

Netherlands: blind dates

The Netherlands they also bet on humor. The Haarlem City Health Department, near Amsterdam, attracted the attention of singles on a blind date to which all those interested in getting vaccinated could sign up. Department staff Each vaccinated person was assigned a couple with whom the waiting time of fifteen minutes after the injection was shared: of course, at a safe distance of 1.5 meters. The campaign also intended help fight loneliness that many singles feel during the pandemic.

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Finland: Santa Claus and Lordi

On Finland, the Lapp city of Rovaniemi resorted to two of his best known personalities: a Santa Claus, who according to Finnish belief lives in the region, and the lead singer of the heavy rock band Gross, which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.

Lordi got vaccinated wearing his signature monster outfit, while Santa Claus was also present at the vaccination act, despite the fact that, due to his advanced age, he had already received his doses of vaccine much earlier.

United States: from donuts and joints to luxury flights and cruises

Meanwhile in USA, states, municipalities and companies They have been offering material incentives for months so that the population is vaccinated: free flights, luxury cruises, university scholarships, free taxi rides, shopping vouchers, free tickets to major sporting events, free drinks, even millionaire prizes … the list is long.

In the famous Krispy Kreme donut chain, for example, each vaccinated person receive a free donut just by presenting your vaccination card: when in doubt, every day. A great stir was caused by a group of activists in favor of the legalization of marijuana, who handed out joints among those vaccinated in New York City and Washington.

Mexico: dancing, singing and yoga

In some vaccination centers of Mexico, in recent months not only was the vaccine offered, but also a entertainment program with dancing, singing, yoga, and wrestling performances. The objective was to sweeten the wait and distract the elderly Mexicans, who in the vaccination campaign of the North American country were the first to receive the puncture.

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UK: free pizza and Uber rides

At United Kingdom, the current objective is to convince younger to get vaccinated. To do this, the Government resorts to the cooperation with various service providers to create incentives. The shuttle service Uber, for instance, offers discounts and meals. Competitor Bolt promises free trips to vaccination centers, Deliveroo distributes free vouchers and Pizza Pilgrims chain wants to convert two branches into vaccination centers and distribute there Free pizza slices.

India: from seeds to gasoline and free tricycles

Moreover, the range of vaccination gifts in India it is as diverse as the country itself. As reported by local media in recent months, these range from free gasoline even tricycles, going through seeds and staple foods like tomatoes or rice.

In a region of Uttar Pradesh state businesses were ordered to only sell alcohol to vaccinated people. And in a district of the state of Madhya Pradesh, the police carried out checks of who was vaccinated and who was not, according to it. the Indian newspaper The Indian Express. Those vaccinated were given a badge that read: “I am a true patriot because I have been vaccinated.” Those not vaccinated received a sheet with a skull.

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