Pasapalabra: how to download the app to play and win the jackpot

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Last February, just into 2020, practically all of Spain was almost certain that after 172 programs, Pablo Díaz from Tenerife was going to make history in the Pasapalabra TV contest, taking home a pot of almost 1.5 million euros. A contest that has been with us for more than 20 years since it debuted on Antena 3 in 2000 by Silvia Jato.

But it didn’t, and the jackpot has continued to pile up until now. So, 5 months later the amount of money is 1.8 million euros. And Diaz may finally take it away tomorrow, July 1.

Play Word Pass on mobile

After his jump to Telecinco where he spent 12 years, and a legal battle between Mediaset and Atresmedia, Pasapalabra returned to Antena 3, where he continues every day. And if you have ever been tempted to play but don’t want to go to TV, you can challenge yourself from home and play from the same screen of your mobile with the official application of Pasapalabra, a ‘freemium’ game Android exclusive that you can download to find out if you are the next Pablo Díaz.

The app, free to download and with optional micropayments, offers you the challenge of completing the famous donut, in addition to coming with another game called ‘¿How is this written?‘in which you have to be observant and quick to select the correct option of a written word in various ways.

The app has also been updated with the Trivia Musical, with artists, singers, songs, music and clues for you to discover the answers. Updated just last February, here is the link for the Google Store:

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