“Pasión de Gavilanes”: Sebastián Boscán, the remembered Leandro Santos, died at 41 years of age

As part of the return of the series “Passion of Hawks” after 18 years, sad news brought the production into mourning. And it is that the actor Sebastián Boscán, who gave life to ‘Leandro Santos’ in the original version, died this Monday, November 29 at the age of 41.

The person in charge of making the news known to the public was his friend, the journalist Carlos Ochoa through his social networks. On his Instagram account, he published a photograph of the actor along with a heartfelt message.

“Your departure hurts my soul. Thank you friend for so many unforgettable characters. It seems incredible to say this. Rest in peace Sebastián, I’m in shock ”, the journalist wrote on his social network.

In another publication, Carlos Ochoa shared a video of an interview with Sebastián Boscán. The clip was accompanied by an emotional message of farewell and thanks to his great friend.

“Your departure hurts a lot. You always surprised me with your smile and your way of seeing life. Thank you for following my soap opera games for giving me interviews and for going to my show. Surely you take your Carriel to heaven to continue delivering talent, good trip friend ”, published in his second post.

On the causes of the actor’s death, Carlos Ochoa reported that his death was the result of a tough battle against stomach cancer. He died in Medellín, Colombia.

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