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“Pasión de gavilanes”: what happened to María Margarita Giraldo, the actress who played Raquel Uribe

María Margarita Giraldo played Raquel Uribe in “Passion of Hawks”, one of the most successful soap operas on Latin American television. The actress is one of the most recognized in Colombia thanks to the iconic characters she has played throughout her long career.

On “Passion of Hawks”, María Margarita Giraldo gave life to the wife of Calixto Uribe and a close friend of Gabriela Elizondo. She is a woman with a sullen character, is arrogant and calculating. She is always dressed very ostentatiously, with a cane and accompanied by her inseparable nephew Benito.

Today, María Margarita Giraldo is 71 years old and has extensive experience in television, film and theater in Colombia. He has played iconic characters such as ‘La Gringa’ in Don Chinche or Doña Ruca in “Necinos”, among many others. But what happened to the actress after her role in “Passion of Hawks”? Here we tell you.

Between 2003 and 2004, she gave life to Raquel Uribe in “Pasión de gavilanes”, the Colombian telenovela that became a phenomenon of that time.

María Margarita Giraldo is a renowned Colombian actress who comes from a family with an artistic streak. She is the daughter of the renowned actress Teresa Gutiérrez, sister of Miguel Varoni and aunt of Majida Issa, who, like her, also fell in love with the world of television, cinema and theater.

Giraldo has a long history within the Colombian entertainment scene. She is recognized for her participation in several productions, especially for her role as ‘La Gringa’ in Don Chinche, Raquel Santos in “Pasión de Gavilanes” or that of Doña Ruca in “Neighbors”, which made her one of the most iconic of the screens.

After her time in “Pasión de Gavilanes”, María Margarita Giraldo continued to reap success with other productions such as “The storm” (2005-2006), “Floricienta” (2006-2007), “Without breasts there is no paradise” (2008), “Los Victorinos” (2009), “El secretario” (2011), “Escobar, el patron del mal” (2012), “Yo soy Franky (2016),“ Manual Para Ninjas (2016) ”, among others.

Although María Margarita Giraldo has more than 40 years of artistic career and has extensive experience, the actress has had trouble finding characters for her. In an interview with the magazine “Vea” of El Espectador, he commented that age is a factor that works against him, like other actors of his generation.

The last project in which she participated was “When a laugh turns into a cough” in 2019, after that the pandemic María Margarita Giraldo was forced to stop her activities on stage like the rest of the actors due to the measures health services imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I really need it. The last work we did, When a laugh turns into a cough, was in 2019, and the idea in 2020 was to tour and it was not possible, so there is a pretty strong guava tree. Also the sets, the cameras, the production teams, the people, I really miss them, and I also came with a long-ago television drought. I have been without work for a long time. Sometimes they relegate one for old, I don’t know (laughs) ”.

Although María Margarita Giraldo can boast of vast experience in television, film and theater, the 71-year-old Colombian actress believes that she is in constant learning and that she has a long way to go.

“We as human beings, not only as an actress, we must be in constant learning, that rejuvenates us, does not let us die, whoever thinks they know them all or that they have everything in their hands, is dead or about to die. I define myself as an actress with a long way to go and I thank God for such representative and beautiful characters that have given me recognition and the affection of the people, “he told” El Nuevo Siglo. “

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