Pastafari are allowed to put up pasta fairs signs at the entrance to Templin

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“The association ‘Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Germany eV’ permanently receives the authorization to put up the signs for the pasta fair at the entrances to the city of Templin in accordance with the requirements of the administration of the city of Templin. ” That was decided by the city council of the Brandenburg city of Templin. She narrowly agreed to a motion from the Uckermärker Heide and Linke parliamentary groups. The social committee and the city’s main committee had previously approved the application.

The Pastafari, as the members of the Spaghetti Monster Church call themselves, first hung up signs in 2014 with the time of mass (Friday 10 am) including a picture of the “Spaghetti Monster” on the masts on which the Catholic and Protestant Churches are also used pointed out their services with signs. The Brandenburg Higher Regional Court ruled in August 2017 that the association could not claim the rights of a religious or ideological community. Therefore, the state of Brandenburg may also prohibit the association from putting up its signs at the entrances to Templin.

In January of this year, Linke and Uckermärker Heide declared in an application: “Regardless of a legal assessment of the association for classification as a religious community by the Federal Administrative Court and the European Court of Human Rights, it is determined that the city of Templin through the activities of the association ‘Kirche des Fliegende Spaghettimonsters Germany e.V. ‘ has gained a considerable amount of awareness. ” That can be proven several times.

It also says in the application (PDF), permanent authorization for the signs is a sign of cosmopolitanism and tolerance of the city of Templin and does not include any devaluation of other churches and religious communities. The request was made with 10 votes in favor, 8 against and 4 abstentions. In the city council there are 8 MPs from the SPD-Greens, 6 from the CDU / FDP, 5 from Uckermarker Heide, 4 AfDlers, 4 leftists and one non-attached party.

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The local Christian churches – Protestant, Catholic and the free-church Baptist congregation – protested against the pasta fair signs on their signposts. The Mayor of Templin, Detlef Tabbert (left), arbitrated. As a compromise, the Pastafari Association was allowed to buy and set up its own masts, which refer to its Friday pasta fairs in a converted church on a property in Röddelin, municipality of Templin.

After the city’s two committees had voted in favor of the motion of the Linke and Uckermarker Heide, the traditional communities wrote a letter to the city council, reports the Humanist Press Service. They saw pastafarian liturgical customs such as noodle communion and a reading from a rolling pin as a substitute for the Torah as a “denigration of the Jewish faith and the Christian churches”.

The belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) first developed in the USA as a counter-movement to the advance of creationism and intelligent design into school lessons. “Evangelical thinking and creationism is also on the advance in Germany”, it says in the self-portrayal of the association. The Pastafari in Germany see any kind of dogmatic belief as an obstacle to social development.


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