Patricia Barreto bought her first apartment: “Friends, I did it”

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Patricia BarretoAn outstanding actress remembered for starring in the movie “Don’t tell me a spinster!”, she can’t be so happy because she has just fulfilled one of her biggest dreams and has bought her first home. This was announced through his Instagram account.

“Friends, I made it. It was a path full of challenges and it has not been easy, but thanks to God, my savings, my effort and my work, today I bought my first apartment. I want to share with you the emotion that I feel because it is so big that it does not fit in my body ”, initially wrote.

“Now I can see that all the effort, all the waiting with patience, love and sacrifice were worth it. And although many times you think that you are not going to achieve it alone and you want to throw in the towel (more in difficult moments and in the context that has been presented to us) because more courage and bravery are had to achieve the goal and move forward: to make the dream / the reality challenge ”, added.

“With this I want to tell you friends that you can really achieve everything you set your mind to, with focus and persistence. Seriously, ”he advised. “Listen to your own process because everything comes in due time, at the right time. And… you know? when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, don’t think that giving up is an option “, he specified.

“Just breathe, rethink the path, learn from your experience, your successes and challenges, your decisions, but be careful! Do not stop there, take a position, make a decision and bet on yourself. Because the best motivation is within you and if the goal is really in your heart, everything will happen ”, manifested.

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The actress also reflected: “Today I look back and see everything that has been built and I hug myself tight. Hold tight because you can. Now I can found my own empire, build my little house and have my home … I always thank God for all the love he gives me and the people who accompany my path “.

Patricia Barreto’s happiness was shared not only by her followers, but also by artists such as Natalia Salas, María Grazia Gamarra, Yidda Eslava, Jesús Alzamora, Adoflo Aguilar, and many others, who congratulated her on achieving this goal.

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