Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster talk about romantic scenes that they star in “La Academia”

Patrick Parodi and Luciana Fuster spoke about the romantic scenes that they star in the recent episode of “The Academy”, where the reality boy asked his partner to marry him.

“As an experience it is cool”, the popular ‘Pato’ said at the beginning to the cameras of “You are in all”. “The same are like small shorts, small scenes that each one has. It is not something so tedious, even within our time because we record all morning, we come to the program and continue at night, on the worst days, “he said..

The member of “Esto es Guerra” announced that he had already finished recording the last chapter of the miniseries and announced that they have planned to make a second season.

Likewise, Patricio Parodi minimized the criticism that has arisen for the alleged romance with the reality girl. “You already know how I am”, He briefly indicated on the subject.

For her part, Luciana Fuster assured that her kisses in fiction with Patricio do not come naturally, as so much is speculated.

“(Kisses) don’t come naturally, it’s complicated. How natural! if we have to repeat and repeat until it is good (the scene). There is repetition of everything because they want to see the angles and make the shots look better ”, revealed for the show hosted by ‘Choca’ and Natalie Vértiz.

When asked if she would like to get married, like her character in “La Academia”, Luciana Fuster said: “I would like to get married, make it a beautiful, creative proposal, I liked that (of the scene), but if not, I think the important thing is the intention”, confessed.

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