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Patrick Wilson y un look impresionante para Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Patrick Wilson gave life to Snake, also know as Ocean Master, in the first installment of the franchise Aquaman, which has a Jason Momoa in the leading role of Arthur Curry. The hero and Snake they are half siblings. Ocean Master has 100% Atlantean blood, while the father of Arthur, is a surface human, which means that Aquaman he is mestizo. The heirs to Throne of Atlantis they resolved their differences violently in the first film. How will the sequel find them?

They have already revealed the stealth suit of the hero, which is presumed to be used to cross enemy lines, perhaps from the Lost kingdom What does the title of the film suggest? Now it was the turn of Patrick Wilson, which will also be part of this second film by Aquaman at DC Extended Universe. The image will surprise everyone who remembers the neat look of Snake on the original tape.

Impresionante look de Patrick Wilson para Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

In this case, we can see Patrick Wilson next to the director James Wan |, on a beach where the actor is severely disheveled. Perhaps this new imprint has to do with the reality that his character will have to live after what happened with Arthur at the end of the original film of the franchise. Will Orm escape from Atlantis and reach this beach?

A bit of memory: during the end of Aquaman The two brothers fight to see who takes command of Atlantis. During the confrontation, Arthur is equipped with the Atlan’s Trident and manages to defeat Snake. So, the villain asks Aquaman let him kill him as the tradition of his people indicates. Their mother intervenes and Ocean Master agrees to be detained.

James Wan | He published the following message on his Instagram next to the actor’s photo: “I found this guy stranded on a deserted beach, doing his Castaway impression”. The reference to the movie of Tom Hanks It is a must if we take into account the similarity of the look it shows Patrick Wilson with that of the protagonist of the remembered cult film.

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