Patriotism and politics

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Patriotism and politics

No government, not even this one sanchism, can agree against the law to break up the nation, maintain inequality with first and second class communities, or steal the right to vote from all Spaniards. The independence movement would have no future without a Government of Spain as an accomplice.

The independentistas have won this fight. Justice and the image of Spain in the world will be greatly affected by the pardons; the Government recognizes an abuse of sanction for a political demand, ignoring the acts committed and rejecting the convictions. Politicians imprisoned for committing crimes become political prisoners. Meanwhile, policemen seriously injured, despised in retirement and dozens investigated by 1-O, abandoned to their fate without any honest politician or police command assuming responsibility for the acts without unloading them on subordinates. Scoundrels and cowards. As in all cases in which the police border the law imbued with a false patriotism, supported by commanders and politicians, who when problems arise, flee. The last example, the Kitchen, where Rajoy, Soraya or Fernández Díaz will not assume their responsibility.

There are presumed patriots (policemen, politicians, judges, businessmen …) who believe they are patriots, behaving as corrupt, cowards and scoundrels. To be a patriot is to defend values; If tomorrow Spain were to become a Bolshevik, fascist, Islamist dictatorship, or a failed democracy (we are very close to that due to the corruption of the partycracy), or if it ceded national rights to felon pro-independence activists, I would not be a patriot. I would not defend that government or that political regime and I would fight it however I could. There are those who would continue to be patriots in their own way, for their own sake, even if the nation were a dictatorship without freedom, with corrupt practices, torture or machine-gunning immigrants who approach our shores. Patriotism can only be based on values ​​that are not criminal or immoral.

Spain is a formal democracy, but of very poor quality compared to the parameters required in other democracies. We see ministers resign due to suspicions of plagiarism and here we have the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition with evidence of non-exemplary behavior in this regard. There is no democratic government from which the fascist regime is defended in Italy or Germany, but members of the government sanchista of Spain defend the most brutal communist dictatorships that humanity has known. We are an anomaly in the EU. The respect they have for us in the international arena does not correspond to the economic weight, social development, historical and geographical situation of the nation.

Corrupt practices in Spain have been legalized. There is no democracy with so much pomp, pageantry, waste, privileges … they live as their own superior caste with the right to wages and conditions other than citizens, which in itself is an act of corruption that is impossible in a democracy. Only a sleepy society, of vassals that not of citizens, would endure this situation for 40 years. The dictator died in bed and there were tens of thousands of Spaniards firing him; Today’s politicians, responsible for the poverty of millions of people and for establishing a corrupt regime, continue to go to elections lying, without shame or objection and acting in that play in which the citizens are the taxpayers who pay fines. , subject to administrative rules for which all police officers, of all administrations, are more concerned with imposing a sanction for simplicity more incredible than if your car or home is stolen. That is Spain today. We travel as a society, out of our own right, towards the garbage dump of history.

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