Patterns without paper: Tailor better with an app and a projector

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Patterns without paper: Tailor better with an app and a projector

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The sweater is too short, but the sleeves too long? How about tailoring yourself? Even beginners can sew their first garments with a little skill – and rely on all kinds of technical aids such as augmented reality apps and projectors. Cutting pattern paper that tears quickly is a thing of the past. You can always upgrade later, for example to a computer-controlled sewing machine. Such devices support you with various preset sewing programs that can be adapted to your own preferences depending on the model. Sometimes you can also combine decorative sewing stitches, with which, for example, the hem of a sweater can be stitched, so that truly unique pieces are created.

Many cutting patterns are available as e-books, which come with illustrated instructions in addition to the cut. In this way, even tricky steps can be easily followed. The pattern is spread over various A4 pages that you first have to print and then stick together. When put together, the format of such sheets often corresponds to a DIN A0 format.

We’ll show you three ways how you can easily get the finished pattern and thus your garment. The free smartphone app Pattarina for Android (Download) and iOS (Download) does not require any printing, but is not suitable for every cut. With the free desktop program Inkscape (download) you can create a single plottable PDF file in A0 format from the many A4 pages of an e-book. Alternatively, this file can also be projected onto the fabric with a projector.

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